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HABITS OF HORSES invited the community to celebrate and explore our relationship with horses, learn new art skills from senior artists and artisans, undertake new experiences, express creativity and get up close and personal with these beautiful animals that have been such an important part of our history.

The HABITS OF HORSES project presented curated exhibitions with works by international and nationally recognised artists together with community artists, beginners and dabblers.  It married the historical with the contemporary, providing opportunities for reminiscing and story-telling through workshops, events, talks and demonstrations across several venues including the Mundaring Arts Centre, Midland Junction Arts Centre and Mundaring Sculpture Park.

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Thank you to everyone who participated, shared their skills, enthusiasm and creative energy to make Habits of Horses 2017 such a success. It has been a monumental project celebrating our connections with horses and community.

The following film created by Curtin University Film and Television student Andrew Sampson encapsulates just a few of the special moments, from the stunning temporary sculpture exhibition; drawing, ceramics and school workshops; exhibitions by contemporary artists; people’s enjoyment of live horses; community groups who work with horses; cultural celebrations, including music and dance to the gorgeous Hobby Horses. Please enjoy the following stories to view the whole project.

A relaxed and community spirited crowd of around 3,000 people flocked to the Perth hills to take part in the Habits of Horses Open Day on Sunday 20 August. Visitors enjoyed the ‘serious’ and the not so serious artworks on display at Mundaring Arts Centre and the temporary horse sculptures at Mundaring Sculpture Park.

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Filmed by SkyworkWA

Midland Junction Arts Centre came alive with the vibrant photographic works by Clare Arni and the collaborative work during Kasirajan Subbaiah’s artist residency. Enjoy this short film detailing a snapshot the project and the building of the community kiln at Entopia Winery.

Filmed by Andrew Sampson and Dan Smith

Interview with artist in residence Kasirajan Subbaiah by Clare Arni at Midland Junction Arts Centre. Kasirajan Subbaiah is one of five remaining potters in his district in Tamil Nardu, Kasirajan Subbaiah continues the tradition of creating Terracotta horses that have been handed down through his family for over 300 years.

Filmed by Andrew Sampson



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