Horses are GO

Great milestone today with the fully padded roof going smoothly into place; much valued technical advice received from Nathan Bray and some energetic rendering to finish the walls off beautifully.

Magic team today was from Left: Nathan Bray, Ross Donaldson, Claire van der Merwe, Bernard Kerr, Heli Donaldson, Lee Woodcock, Steve McCoy, Selva Marimuthu. Not in the picture – Jude van der Merwe and Jenny Kerr. Go team!

On Friday – yes this Friday – whoever is able will congregate at Midland Junction Art Centre around 9.30 am for the ceremonial and anxiety ridden process of locating the horses for their journey to Entopia.

The current plan is to be firing on Friday 10 November – giving us a fun-filled weekend at Entopia.