Horse Drawn - Meet the Artists



This body of work was created referencing ‘equinophobia’ the fear of horses, expressing my own experience with horses. As my work is about perception and percipience I like to see people respond emotionally to my artwork. An individual reaction will be created as the horses make eye contact with the audience. Let me know how you feel!?

Equinophobia (detail), 2017
Charcoal on Masonite
60 x 120cm



The Equine 1915 body of drawing was evoked when researching the plight of the war horses of the World War I. Millions of horses were killed or maimed in the battles. Many post war horses that survived were left skeletal framed and traumatized. My desire was to create pathos and a sense of empherality in each drawing.

Equine 1915 – I (detail), 2014
Charcoal on paper
77 x 108cm



These works were originally created as part of a residency called the ‘Big Beast Project’ at Midland Junction Arts Centre in 1995 where a series of large charcoal drawings of fully harnessed dray horses broke harness and evolved into mythic creatures. This work, when completed, had two afterlives, one as the back drop for Helena College’s stage play of ‘Macbeth’. Then in the foyer of His Majesty’s Theatre when the play ‘Arcadia’ was showing. As a girl and young woman I had numerous horses, they gave me a great deal of pleasure, freedom and mobility at an early age. They also gave me the opportunity to have a close relationship with a ‘big beast’. Now in my sixties I have little desire to own a horse, but rather to look to horses as symbol, allowing me to continue the evolution of my relationship to this creature in other ways. Twenty-two years on, revisiting these drawings and showing them in this space, symbolises a closing of a circle.

Harnessed I (detail), 1995
Charcoal on acid free paper
149 x 180cm