Machines and Makers invited the community to celebrate and explore the exceptional craft skills of the past with an exhibition of sewing machines from the 1850’s-1950’s, paired with artistic responses by invited contemporary artists and an exciting public program of craft workshops and events. Visit MAC’s Facebook Page to see the Machines and Makers journey >

“When our coordinating group was growing up in the 1950’s our mothers used treadle sewing machines to make all our clothes. Dresses, shorts, romper suits, ball gowns, aprons and petticoats all came through those simple, effective machines. They were used to cut sheets down the middle and re-seam the outer edges to the inside to give the worn sheet a second life. It was a time when shop-bought clothes were out of reach for most people’s pockets, and ‘making do’ was a virtue.”


With support from Mundaring Electrics, Anglican Op Shop