Online Gallery | HYPERVISION

Congratulations to the prize winners of HyperVision 2018.

Overall Winner - Izabella Bird, Embodied Ideals

Up & Coming Artist - Hannah Clapperton, Yesteryear

Sculpture Winner - Izabella Bird, Embodied Ideals 
Sculpture Runner-Up - Leo Robinson, Miscellany

Traditional Winner - Megan Baker, What's not on Google maps
Traditional Runner-Up - Isabelle Lewis, The Balloons

Photography Winner - Jubilee Chan, Singapore, Backstage
Photography Runner-Up - Boris Deng, Besides Me

Short Film Winner - Megan Baker, Interior
Short Film Runner-Up - Greta Mewhor, Inside Lolita Fashion

Fashion/Jewellery Winner - Fairline Mackintosh, Coral
Fashion/Jewellery Runner-Up, Ella Talcon, Sea and Sand

Experimental Winner - Jubilee Chan, Love of the shared Peach
Experimental Runner-Up - Mathilda Hunt, Glitch

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