Current Shop Suppliers Agreement & Information Form 

If you are a current MAC Shop Supplier and you would like update your details please complete the following form. If you have any questions please contact us on 08 9295 3991 or email >

Name *
To assist us in promoting your work, please complete the following section. This information is also used to create small slips of promotional information to be included with the sale of your work. It should be written in a way that would assist the purchaser in understanding your method, artistic vision or inspiration. These are often used by purchasers to add something special to a gift. Personal details will not be included.
This is a brief description, of no more than 3 paragraphs, about your current art/craft practice. This statement should be written in first person and should compel the viewer to want to look again at your work. Keep in mind that an artist statement will evolve and grow along with your art/craft practice. An artist statement should not include biographical information or names of teachers or other’s whose work has influenced yours. This is a statement about YOUR art/craft. It may include information about, why you make your art, what inspires you to make it, what it signifies or represents, what's unique or special about how you make it, and/or what it means to you.
This is a concise written resume of your arts/crafts practice. This should be written in third person and should provide viewers information about your artistic experience and background. Keep in mind that you should only include the most relevant and important items to ensure that it is concise and not too lengthy. An artist biography may outline information and highlights from your past including any art/craft training, artistic influences, and what events or upbringing have shaped your artistic direction, etc. It may also include important exhibits or venues and any important collections or commissions, accolades, awards, etc. You may also wish to include where you were born and where you currently live.
Artwork Images *
You may wish to submit a selection of images for us to use in promotional materials. This may include a portrait of yourself and/or a selection of images of your artwork, objects or products.